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“Kyo-Machiya” house of healing in Gion, Kyoto

A bright light on a small street in Gion illuminates the building Hiyoshido.
It is a “Kyo-Machiya”, a traditional Kyoto style house.
Feel the healing world around you as you walk through the entrance.
On a comfortable Japanese futon, which uses “Binchotan-charcoal”, relax not only your body, but also your mind.
They will untangle slowly and deeply as if in a dream world.
With 50 years of experience, Hiyoshido′s skilled professionals will heal your body slowly, deeply and carefully.

60min from ¥6,000 (not including tax)
A relaxing massage on a Japanese “Tatami” floor with a futon

Your session will take place on a comfortable Japanese futon warmed by a heated floor using “Binchotan-charcoal”.
A nearby Japanese floor lamp adds to the calm, quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the room.
We hope you will enjoy this unique experience.
To make the most of your visit, we recommend you tell us where you have pain or discomfort so we will know where to begin your relaxing treatment.
Prices start from ¥6,000 (not including tax)

We will prepare a gown for your treatment.
Our door is always open and we look forward to meeting you.

Before starting your massage, you will be provided a massage gown to change into. We have many sizes of gowns ranging.
Please feel free to visit us in any attire, be it a skirt, a dress or a suit on your way home from work.
Being located in the cultural area of Gion, we often have Maiko and Geiko customers.

We have many treatment options including Acupuncture Moxibustion, Massage, Finger Massage, Foot Reflexology and Thai Massage.

Depending on the type of treatment you would like to have, Hiyoshido has everything to suit your needs.
If you would like, we encourage you to choose the appropriate treatment depending on how you feel and the current condition of your body.
Having more than one treatment option done is also available.
For customers who are interested in Acupuncture Moxibustion, we will provide a special gown to wear for the treatment.

Reservations are available until 1 AM.
You can also receive treatment in your hotel room or inn.

After having fun touring around Kyoto, why don’t you visit us for some relaxation?
Also our staff can go to a hotel, inn, house or any place you would like if it is with in a 2km radius of Hiyoshido.
Customers are able to book treatments until 1 AM.

Hiyoshido is ranked first on the “Trip Adviser” reviewer page.
We are proud to be popular among tourists from around the world.

Being ranked first place in the category of “Wellness and Spa” in Trip Advisor’s Kyoto section, we are confident customers will have a relaxing and enjoyable visit.
We accept all types of major credit cards.
We hope you will come and see us before leaving Kyoto.