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Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Stimulations of points, meridians and muscles increase your natural healing ability and ease various symptoms.
Massage whole body, heal muscle fatigue, improve your circulation and adjust your body balance.
Shiatsu works on the nerves and is good for relieving pain.
Make your body-balance well by hand soft technique. E.g. Passing hands over your body from the tip to the body. We try to let you recover from your fatigue.


Reform body balance by stretching and hand technique.
Thai traditional stretch
Massage and stretch, relieve the tension of under waist and make all body relaxed.
Massage without oil form solo to kee helps blood flow and lymph flow forward and relieves stiffness and stress.
We prepare pajamas and the box-supported pillow.
ajamas within having massage
Pajamas within having acupuncture and moxibution
Box-supported pillows(The box-supported pillow is a pillow not to break their hair style of a maiko,a geisha amd so on within having massage.)