Privacy Policy

The handling of private information

Hiyoshi-Do Inc. ( hereinafter referred as to “This company” ) determined private information protection policy ,based upon Japan's Private Information Protection Low and related lows and other ordinances, to become conscious well of missions and responsibilities as a massage trade and to get trusts and results, and put into force the following contents.

1. The establishment of management organization

This company establishes management organization that decides on roles, responsibilities and authorities to keep private information protection.

2. The management administration

Members of this company have been educated the handling information that they have known on business, obey rules and keep the duty of confidentiality.

3. The prohibition of use out of the purpose

This company makes acquisition of private information and use of purpose clear, makes sphere of use clear and put into force handling suitably.

4. Keep the lows and ordinances

This company makes a plan to keep the lows that apply to protection of private information and other ordinances and makes a document about protection of private information.

5. Safety measures

We protect and correct a private information administered by this company to keep accuracy and safety about illegal access and leaking, losing and altering of private information e.t.c..

6. The complaints and consultations

We accept complaints and consultations about handling private information. We equip company structure and keep well to cope suitably and quickly.

7. The continuous improvement

This company improves protection of private information continuously to get trusts and keep the level.