About us

The space where heal the senses.


Perfume of only natural materials.


Hearty therapies by technicians.


Activated magnetized water that is mentioned improving human's circulation.


Ornaments of the four season's senses.
Photo : FUSEGO


Music by Fumio MIYASHITA founder healing music.

Calligraphy presented from Mr.Gencho KOMATSU, chief abbot of Zenkoji-Temple.

Presented from Mr. Gencho KOMATSU, chief abbot of Zenkoji-Temple in Shinano Shinsyu.

“circle” and “spirit” = chance and sincerity

“circle” and “spirit” = We believe a chance and a sincerity are our wish, and we’re aware of hearty service is our joy.

Various trainings

Hiyoshi-Do have various trainings to serve hearty treatment with polished technique. We aim at improvement of technique and manners. All therapist make efforts with a desire to improve themselves.
Training in abroad(Chiengmai)
Treatment training
Treatment training